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C Ngân : 0928500555

KH-Proxima 2020-PDTA

: A15100
Dung lượng : 4.09 GB
Thể Loại : Phim HD nhiều thể loại Phiêu lưu,kinh dị,giả tưởng
Năm sản xuất : 2020
Phụ đề : Tiếng nước ngoài
Định dạng : HD1080
Nước sản xuất :

Sarah (Eva Green) is a French woman who has spent her life since infancy training to be an astronaut. She learns that she is a late addition to the Proxima crew, an International Space Station mission which will be the final precursor before a mission to Mars.[4]

While Sarah is thrilled to be going she struggles with leaving Stella, her young daughter for whom she is the primary caregiver after separating from her spouse, Thomas. Despite her worries, she leaves Stella with Thomas and prepares for her mission.

In addition to being a late comer to the mission Sarah is also the only woman on the Mars crew. She is met with open hostility by the American captain, Mike, who lets her know that he prefers the male substitute training to be her replacement. However Sarah gradually wins his respect as he watches her determination while training.

During training Stella is allowed to visit Sarah once. Sarah insists that special allowances be made to accommodate her daughter and allow them more time together. While the meeting initially goes well it ends badly as Stella becomes anxious and bored and runs away, once again causing friction between Sarah and Mike, who berates Sarah for her actions. The following day Stella leaves while Sarah is still sleeping.

Increasingly struggling with the emotional toll of leaving, Sarah is surprised when Mike attempts to cheer her up, telling her that it is impossible to be a perfect mother or astronaut and they are only human. Later, at the last meeting before Sarah and the other astronauts go into a two week quarantine before leaving for space Sarah is devastated when Stella and Thomas miss their flight and her last opportunity to see her daughter in person before leaving earth.

Sarah and Stella are able to see each other a final time, but this time it is between a pane of glass as Sarah is in quarantine. Stella reminds her mother that she promised they would be able to see the rocket she was leaving on together but Sarah broke her promise. A devastated Sarah sneaks out of quarantine and awakens Stella and takes her to see the rocket early in the morning.

That evening the rocket launches with Sarah onboard with a picture of Stella by her side. On Earth a teary eyed Thomas and a smiling Stella watch the rocket launch.


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